Cheryl Stafford

Corporate Real Estate Advisors
Denver, CO

Cheryl Stafford

Cheryl Stafford, President and Founder of Corporate Real Estate Advisors, is a negotiator you want on your side. “Negotiation is all about being better prepared than the other guy and exploiting leverage,” she explains. “I rely on real data and solid analysis. The other side will try to distract us and talk the issues away, but facts are facts and I'm persistent in keeping the discussion at that level.”

Cheryl joined Cushman & Wakefield in Denver as the first broker hired when they expanded their Denver operations in the 1980's. Due to outstanding performance (top 10% of national sales force 9 years out of 11), she was soon promoted to Vice President. Early on, Cheryl represented many major New York firms, handling their Denver-area space requirements. She was a pioneer in bringing the East Coast's tenant representation service model to the Denver area - severing the potential conflict of interest that existed with most real estate brokers who marketed only their own listings and by Colorado law represented only the owners' interests, not the tenants'.

Cheryl earned her Executive MBA from Denver University's Daniels College of Business, a unique MBA program with an emphasis on entrepreneurial skills and business formation. “In looking back, that program really has been critical to my success,” she reflects. “It sensitized me to the needs, challenges and rewards of my clients.”

“I know Denver,” she explains. “This is an exciting city and a unique, growing market. I'm in a great position to guide my tenant clients to their optimal space solution because I know all the options, the owners' negotiation styles here and the limitations of each property. One of my primary jobs is to be certain that the inevitable limitations of each property are not ones that will be an issue for my client. My client's ultimate decision will be based on all the facts and in accordance with my number one goal, 'No Surprises!'”