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Office Space Calculator

Enter dimensions and quantities, based on your specific needs, the totals will recalculate automatically when you leave a cell. Please note, this is an estimate. Accurate numbers will need to be determined from professionally drawn plans.

Space Description Dimensions Qty Total Sq Ft
Large x
Standard x
Small x
Work Stations, Clerical, Secretarial
Large Cubicle x
Medium Cubicle x
Small Cubicle x
Open space clerk, Secretary x
Meeting Rooms / Library
Board Room, Library (each) x
Conference x
Medium x
Small x
Facilities & Service Areas
Large Reception x
Small Reception x
Copy, Pantry, Telcom (each) x
Files, Storage (each) x
Mailroom x
Coat Closets x
Other x
Circulation Factor
(The Circulation Factor is the area within your space that
is needed for staff to get from one place to another such as
interior corridors.)
Useable Square Footage:
Load Factor
(The Load Factor is made up of all the various areas in
the building that are either used or needed by tenants
including lobbies, common bathrooms, cafeterias, fitness
rooms, elevators, stairways, etc. )
Rentable Square Footage:
The square footage that a typical office tenant pays for is called "rentable square footage". This differs from the "usable square footage" that a typical office tenant actually uses. The difference between the two is called the "Load Factor" a.k.a. the common area factor, loss factor, add on factor, etc.