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Sacramento Office Space

Available Sacramento Office Space For Lease


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Carmichael / Fair Oaks Office Space
57 locations
Size: 150 Sqft to 30,000 Sqft
Rates: $1.25/Sqft/Month to $3.30/Sqft/Month

Downtown Sacramento Office Space
127 locations
Size: 565 Sqft to 434,000 Sqft
Rate: $0.65/Sqft/Month to $3.15/Sqft/Month

El Dorado Hills Office Space
60 locations
Size: 800 Sqft to 400,000 Sqft
Rate: $0.65/Sqft/Month to $3.05/Sqft/Month

Elk Grove Office Space :
40 locations
Size: 150 Sqft to 43,000 Sqft
Rate: $1.00/Sqft/Month to $2.75/Sqft/Month

Fairfield Office Space:
25 locations
Size: 961 Sqft to 283,000 Sqft
Rate: $0.65/Sqft/Month to $2.75/Sqft/Month

Highway 50 Corridor / Rancho Cordova Office Space:
114 locations
Size: 537 Sqft to 400,000 Sqft
Rate: $0.65/Sqft/Month to $2.91/Sqft/Month

Highway 80 Corridor / McClellan Office Space:
11 locations
Size: from 1,295 Sqft to 23,000 Sqft
Rates: $0.75/Sqft/Month to $1.55/Sqft/Month

Natomas / Northgate Office Space:
103 locations
Size: 1,572 Sqft to 44,310 Sqft
Rate: $0.65/Sqft/Month to $2.45/Sqft/Month

Point West Office Space:
44 Locations
Size: 800 Sqft to 142,000 Sqft
Rates: $0.90/Sqft/Month to $2.45/Sqft/Month

Roseville/Rocklin Office Space:
312 locations
Size: from 250f to 150,000 Sqft
Rates: $0.45/Sqft/Month to $3.13/Sqft/Month

South Sacramento Office Space:
51 locations
Size: 1,812sf to 22,523sf
Rates: $0.69/Sqft/Month to $3.50/Sqft/Month

Vacaville Office Space:
12 Locations
Size: 1,118 Sqft to 33,624 Sqft
Rates: $1.627/Sqft/Month to $2.25/Sqft/Month

West Sacramento Office Space:
16 locations
Size: 836 Sqft to 165,000 Sqft
Rates: $0.95/Sqft/Month to $2.00/Sqft/Month

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