Specialty Practices

Our Specialty Practices are made up of real estate professionals with deep expertise unique to your particular property type and within your specific industry. Our business as corporate advisers is to know your business in and out, and provide integrated, tailored solutions that deliver superior results to your firm. Working with Synergy - Specialty Practices gives you the benefit of having a world-class partner in the industry that is committed to your long-term success.

Airports, Aerospace & Defense Specialty Practice

Derek CunninghamDerek Cunningham has a diverse background covering nanotechnology to aviation. As a research scientist Derek helped Bayer AG create one of their first automated research facilities in Germany. He also worked in Japan at the forefront of gold nano research. He then assisted Avantium Technologies set up their first automated research lab in an empty office building in Amsterdam. Currently he assists Synergy help Chemical and Biotech companies in their real estate needs and leads the Aviation Real Estate Group, which helps cities develop aviation parks and aircraft manufacturers develop strategic real estate portfolios. The Aviation Real Estate Group covers everything from the smallest private airstrip, to full-size international airfields. Partner with the best to help you with your factory leases, airport designs, and all you construction needs.